Elgin Cathedral Coaster/Mandala


Dear friends,

on the 15th of August was Granny Square Day (#grannysquareday2019).

Duffus, Four Winds, Fuchsia and MacLeod Granny Square (left to right)

I thought this a great opportunity to revisit some of my old granny squares. The free patterns for the respective Granny Squares can be found on this blog  (DuffusFour WindsFuchsiaMacLeod). Thus I also came across one granny square that never made it out of my notebook. After a few rounds I realized why. The beginning was not too bad though and was quickly turned into a mini-mandala or coaster.

And since I have not shared many patterns with you lately, here are the instructions to the "Elgin Cathedral Coaster":

- ch = chain stitch
- dc = double crochet
- dVst = double V-st = (2 tr + ch 1 + 2 tr ) in same space
- loop = loop made of ch
- mc = magic circle
- tr3tog = 3 tr stitched together (decreasing one)
- tr = trebble

Start with mc
R1: 12x (1 tr + ch 1)
R2: 12x (1 dc + ch 2) in ch-1-sp
R3: 12x (1 tr3tog + ch 3) in loop
R4: 12x (4 dc + ch 1) in loop
R5: 12x (1 dVst + ch 1) in ch-1-sp
R6: 12x [(1 dc + ch 2 + 1 dc + ch 2) in dVst + 1 dc in ch-1-sp + ch 2]

- fasten off at end of each round and weave in ends.

Happy crocheting!

And why did I name this coaster Elgin Cathedral? See?

Elgin Cathedral*
*Picture Copyright: Historic Environment Scotland

I‘ll keep in touch!

Liebe Freunde,

am 15. August war Granny Square Day (#grannysquareday2019).

Duffus, Four Winds, Fuchsia und MacLeod Granny Square (v.l.n.r.)

Mir war danach zu dieser Gelegenheit ein paar meiner alten Grannies noch mal selbst zu machen. Die Anleitungen zu den jeweiligen Granny Squares gibt es umsonst in diesem Blog (Duffus, Four Winds, Fuchsia, MacLeod). Und so kam ich auch dazu ein Granny Square nach zu häkeln, welches es nie weiter geschafft hatte als mein Notizbuch. Nach ein paar Runden war mir auch klar weshalb. Aber, der Anfang war nicht verkehrt und ließ sich rasch zu einem Mini-Mandala oder Untersetzer umwandeln.

Und da ich schon lange keine Anleitungen mehr mit euch geteilt habe, folgt nun die zum „Elgin Cathedral Coaster“:

- dVSt = doppelter V-Stich = 2 Stb + 1 Lm + 2 Stb
- FR = Fadenring
- Lm = Luftmasche
- LmB = besteht aus 1 oder mehrere Lm
- fM = feste Masche
- 3 zabStb = 2 zusammen abgemaschte Stäbchen
- Stb = Stäbchen

mit FR anfangen
R1: 12x (1 Stb + 1 Lm)
R2: 12x (1 fM + 2 Lm) in LmB
R3: 12x (3 zabStb + 3 Lm) in LmB
R4: 12x (4 fM + 1 Lm) in LmB
R5: 12x (dVSt + 1 Lm) in LmB
R6: 12x [(1 fM + 2 Lm + 1 fM + 2 Lm) in dVSt + 1 fM in LmB + 2 Lm]

- Am Ende jeder Runde abtrennen und Fadenende einnähen.

Und warum habe ich diesen Untersetzer ausgerechnet Elgin Cathedral genannt? Na, deshalb!

Die Kathedrale von Elgin*
*Bild Copyright: Historic Environment Scotland

Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden!


  1. Love the colors you used...
    Have a nice evening !

  2. Well, it does fit its name :)
    A gorgeous mandala if you ask me and I love the colors you chose for the ones I saw on IG. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

    1. Thank you, dear Maya. As soon as I finished the first Mandala it kind of reminded me of a rose window and it wasn't all that hard to find a suiting Cathedral ;-)

  3. Me encanta ese posavasos mandala,me encanta el colorido y realmente parece una vidriera!Muchas gracias por las explicaciones!

    1. Tan pronto como terminé el primer Mandala, inmediatamente pensé en un rosetón ... ¡Gracias, dear Pilar!

  4. This would be a BEAUTIFUL beginning for a winter hat/toque.

  5. I love your mandalas! Kisses, my friend. I am back from vacation.

    1. Hope you had a lovely vacation and feel up to tackling day-to-day life again!

  6. Beautiful mandala granny square and love the colors! Pinned :)

  7. love granny squares and mandalas, visiting from the Really Crafty Link Party

  8. I love it! So pretty. Pinning!

  9. How pretty! I love the fun colors you used.

  10. Super schön. Danke für das Teilen!

  11. Beautiful coaster! I love the fun, cheery color combination. I have chosen this as one of my features for this week's Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party, which goes live tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm EST.



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    1. Sooo sorry, Catherine, just clicked the wrong button, I surely didn't intend to delete your comment!!!!!!... Indeed, the mandala looks great in the Cathedral picture.

    2. Me gusta mucho la combinación de colores y lo diferente que se ven según los colores que se elijan.

      BESOS ....Desde Sevilla España

  13. Me gustan todas esas versiones, tienen tantas posibilidades!!


    1. Los posavasos se pueden hacer en todas las combinaciones de colores posibles!


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