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Granny Square - Etta - Häkelquadrat

  Dear friends, as in previous years, I am taking part in the 100 Days Project. This year, however, the Instagram challenge started on the 31st of January and not in April. So I felt a bit caught off guard, but, maybe it wasn't too bad to not have much time to think and rethink about a possible project. The project I chose for 2021 (at the last minute) is: #100DaysOfGrannySquares . This means that I will crochet one granny square every day and after 100 days I will have enough squares to make a nice lapblanket. From my endless stash I chose these five balls of Deramores. It's acrylic yarn, which I don't particularly like, but the colours are perfect for the coming spring! And this is my selection: Deramores Studio DK Sky, Rose, Peony, Fuchsia and Peridot. A tutorial was also quickly found. I modified an old granny square of mine and it became the Etta granny square . Since I don't want any repeats in the blanket, I asked Auntie Google for advice and made a li

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