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Autumn Blanket - Herbstdecke

Dear friends,
I think it's almost exactly one year ago now that I made the Granny Square Tartan Blanket. One blanket each autumn? That would not be too bad, because blankets are always high on my wish list. But I shy away from them, because projects that seem to take forever are not my cup of tea. BTW: This blanket was initially intended as a cat blanket, but the gentle rhythm of the mindless crochet was so soothing, the blanket grew and grew and grew. Now it‘s a person blanket instead of a cat blanket even though Miss Moneypenny disagrees.

When I was sorting out my hand dyed yarn for the Super Seconds Saturday, I also came across two skeins of speckles. Or better said, two skeins on which I had tried speckles, but the result was not convincing (to my point of view). So, I intended to sell them at the Super Seconds Saturday, but I changed my mind. And as the blanket outgrew being a cat blanket I even dyed some more speckles. The four speckledskeins are clearly visible between the so…

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