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Dear friends,
What the heck (pardon my French)! Who cares about schedules anyway?
After putting the Lucienne‘s Summer Mandala pattern on Etsy, I actually sat down to draft a schedule for the coming days. You know that I am absolutely no good with plans and schedules in the first place. But, as I am having a few issues with focussing and getting the most out of my time, I though I might just give it another go.
Frankly said: Why did I bother?
Soon afterwards, the hubby came home after running an errand. Driving by the house of one of our neighbours he noticed her sons putting up decorations, so he stopped to inquire. Our neighbour is turning 50 this weekend. As she is not having a party due to Covid, her boys at least wanted to decorate the house and garden to let everyone know. And as this neighbour isn‘t just any neighbour, I had to come up with an idea for a special gift quickly…
See? What is the point of scheduling? Because, as soon as it was written my schedule was already obsolete.

Be …

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