Hi there!

How nice of you to visit me in my studio.

November 2014 the first member of our patchwork-family moved out and there were two rooms left vacant in the house. One of these I turned into my studio.
The prospect of having my considerable amount of wool and yarn and numerous half-finished crochet and cross stitch projects leave the living-room might explain the eagerness of my husband in helping me painting, furnishing and decorating the studio.

It became a pretty, warm and cheerful room where I have plenty of space to crochet and cross stitch.
I named this sanctuary after my late grandmother (Lucienne). She and my mum introduced me into the world of knitting, crochet an cross stitch. I am very grateful that they did!

Truth be told: most of the time the studio didn't look this neat and tidy. In April 2017 I took advantage of the opportunity to start the longdue make-over. Would you like to have a look?

As to why I actually started a blog? Well, ever since November my family includes four cats and three MEN. The advantages of living with males definitely outweigh the disadvantages as long as we are talking about chopping wood, putting the rubbish out, mowing the lawn, etc. But when I show any of them anything I crocheted or stitched...

My husband merely mumbles “Very nice, my love” (from behind his newspaper). My eldest says “Well done, Mum!” (even though he did not avert his gaze from his gaming console). And my youngest rolls his eyes sighing: “Mum, you are kidding, right?”

Well, to tell the truth: I AM NOT! I really would like being received with positive or when it comes to that even negative criticism! It would be so nice, to get any well-intentioned comment.
Therefore I would like to share my love for crochet and cross stitch as well as many projects with you, here in my little studio.
Please do pop in, whenever you feel like. There is always a cup of tea waiting for you!
Enjoy your visit!
P.S.: If you'd like to know more about me, read here...



Hallo und herzlich Willkommen in meinem kleinen Atelier.

Dieses Atelier ist mein ganz persönlicher Rückzugsort, wo ich mich meinen Hobbys widmen kann.
Marie-Lucienne ist eine Zusammenfassung meines eigenen Namens und dem meiner leider verstorbenen Großmutter. Sie und meine Mutter haben vor ganz langer Zeit meine Liebe zu Handarbeiten geweckt und ich bin ihnen deswegen sehr dankbar.

Selbstredend sah das Atelier nicht immer so aufgeräumt und ordentlich aus. Und als sich April 2017 die Gelegeneit bot, gab's endlich die längst überfällige Renovierung:

Weitere Erläuterungen zu diesem Blog gibt es hier.
Und einige Angaben über mich gibt es hier.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!