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Samstag, 21. September 2019

I‘m Dreaming Of A White Christmas…

Dear friends,

I know, many may find I‘m out of my mind thinking of Christmas at the end of September. Maybe I am, but truth be told: I‘ve been in some kind of Christmas mode for most of the year. In April I joined in the 100DayProject and the topic I chose this year was Christmas ornaments (do have a look at the hashtag #100DaysOfCrochetOrnaments on Instagram).

Samstag, 11. Mai 2019

#100DayOfCrochetOrnaments (Part II / Teil 2)

Dear friends,

unbelievable! The #100DayProject challenge is already running for 40 days. And it no longer feels weird crocheting Christmas ornaments in the middle of spring either. After all, I'm keeping busy with a few other things too. Dyeing wool for instance and crocheting thistles.

Montag, 22. April 2019

#100DayOfCrochetOrnaments (Part I / Teil 1)

Dear friends,

I know it‘s weird to make crochet Christmas ornaments in Spring – just ask me! Christmas ist still many months away and the world outside my window finally turned into Spring-mode. The dull garden suddenly is full of flowers and colours and I‘m either indoors or on the patio industriously stitching away humming „Jingle Bells...“.

Mittwoch, 1. November 2017

A month from now … / In einem Monat …

A month from now ... and the advent season starts!

Dear friends,

it's the 1. of November. Guess it's time to start thinking about the Advent as well as the Christmas season. Sometimes I already had gathered all Christmas presents – not this year though...

Having two days off I spent the first one (yesterday) on Etsy, uploading items. Uploading Christmas Baubles, to be precise!

Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

I'm still around – Es gibt mich noch!

Meet Miss Moneypenny

Dear friends,

I'm going to try writing a post while Miss Moneypenny is turning the living room topsy-turvy, thoroughly annoying Max and getting best mates with Kolumbus.

It's been a while since my last post about crochet which doesn't mean I've not been doing any crochet since. Far from it!

I cannot explain why but I'm obsessed with Christmas Baubles – I've already got 39 (aren't they lovely?) and maybe I should concentrate on another project…

No harm done though. I've got plans for these baubles! BTW I've got a lot of plans for 2017 but I'll tell you about these another time.

STOP! I did make this scarf in between but I definitely need to make another one before I can explain how I've made it, cause I didn't write anything down (shouldn't I know better by now!?). Nonetheless I'm very pleased with those popcorn rhombuses!

I'll keep in touch!

Résumé: shooed Moneypenny off the table: 7 times; picked her out of the orchid: 4 times; plucked her out of the bookshelf: 3 times; saved her from the spider plants: 5 times. Max retreated into the hall, Kolumbus pretends he's asleep and Miss Moneypenny is nowhere near getting tired…

P.S.: Made a few hats too…

Liebe Freunde,

nun denn, ich versuche dann mal einen Post zu schreiben während Miss Moneypenny das Wohnzimmer umkrempelt, Max auf den Wecker geht und sich mit Kolumbus verbrüdert.

Hier ist Miss Moneypenny

Es ist zwar eine Weile her seit dem letzten Häkelpost, was nicht heißen soll, dass ich in der Zwischenzeit keine Häkelnadel angefasst hätte. Weit gefehlt!

Aus irgendeinem Grund kann ich nicht genug bekommen von Weihnachtskugeln… Nun habe ich schon 39 beisammen (sind die nicht hübsch?) und sollte mich vielleicht dann doch mal nach einem neuen Projekt umschauen…

Es macht aber nichts, denn ich habe schon Pläne für diese Weihnachtskugeln. Nebenbei bemerkt habe ich einige Pläne für 2017, aber bei Gelegenheit mehr dazu.

HALT! Zwischendurch habe ich einen Schal gehäkelt! Aber da ich mir mal wieder keine Notizen gemacht habe (Seufz… sollte ich es nicht langsam besser wissen?!) muss ich ihn noch mal machen, bevor ich erklären kann, wie es geht. Die Popcorn-Rauten gefallen mir aber richtig gut!

Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden!

Bilanz: Moneypenny 7x vom Tisch gescheucht, 4x aus der Orchidee gefischt, 3x aus dem Bücherregal gepflückt und 5x vor den bösen Grünlilien gerettet. Max hat sich in den Flur zurückgezogen, Kolumbus tut als ob er schläft und Miss Moneypenny ist noch längst nicht müde…

P.S.: Habe auch ein paar Mützen gehäkelt…

Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2016

Christmas Bauble Makeover 2016 - Weihnachtskugel-Umstyling 2016

Dear friends,

I've never been pretty up to date. Most of the time I haven't got a clue of what might be fashionable or “in” at present…
Therefore I was surprised by the amount of Christmas decoration in pale pastel shades (next to the traditional red-golden decoration).


Donnerstag, 26. November 2015

Christmas Baubles (Part III) / Weihnachtskugeln (Teil 3)

Getting ready for the Christmas Season (Part III)

Dear friends, 

Christmas trees in Germany are somehow awfully laden with tradition. I've submitted myself obediently to this order for many years (well – sort of as long as I've been living in Germany really). But frankly said: I do not feel like another season full of traditional red-golden ornaments and decorations. I would definitely prefer bright and brilliant greens, pinks and blues.
Could it be that turning 45 the rebel in me finally broke free?

Montag, 23. November 2015

Christmas Baubles (Part II) / Weihnachtskugeln (Teil 2)

Getting ready for the Christmas Season (Part II)

Dear friends,

having to work this weekend and leaving for Belgium right after being off on Sunday, I did not do any crochet ever since Friday.
Thus I ache to get my crochet suitcase opened (whilst packing I did notice I definitely need a larger one – hardly got the lid closed!) but as promised I'd write the next pattern of the Christmas Baubles I'll do that first!

Dienstag, 17. November 2015

Christmas Baubles (Part I) / Weihnachtskugeln (Teil 1)

Getting ready for the Christmas Season (Part I)


Dear friends,

these last few days I've been making Christmas baubles. I did not feel like searching the internet for hours on end (as I hardly ever stick to any pattern), so I've just started crocheting, relying on the trial-and-error methode. Worked out fine so far. Um, well, some of the baubles are … errr … interesting (?). But some are quite all right.