#100DayOfCrochetOrnaments (Part II / Teil 2)

Dear friends,

unbelievable! The #100DayProject challenge is already running for 40 days. And it no longer feels weird crocheting Christmas ornaments in the middle of spring either. After all, I'm keeping busy with a few other things too. Dyeing wool for instance and crocheting thistles.


I’ve never been very comfortable with the c2c technique, most probably cause I just couldn’t be bothered to start with something easy. But I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Here are the pictures of days 21 till 40 of #100DaysOfCrochetOrnaments60 more to come…

Day / Tag 21 - 29

I‘ll keep in touch!

Liebe Freunde,

nicht zu glauben! Die #100DayProject Challenge läuft nun schon 40 Tage. Schon längst fühlt es sich nicht mehr komisch ab, mitten im Frühling Weihnachtsschmuck zu häkeln. Schließlich bin ich nebenbei auch noch mit ein paar andere Sachen beschäftigt, wie Wolle färben und Disteln häkeln.

Ich bin mir noch nicht wirklich sicher, ob ich die c2c-Technik mag, wahrscheinlich weil ich gleich mit einem etwas fordernden Projekt angefangen habe, statt es ruhig angehen zu lassen, aber, so langsam bekomm ich den Dreh raus.

Hier sind Bilder von den Tagen 21 bis 40 der #100DaysOfCrochetOrnaments - 60 weitere folgen…

Day / Tag 30 - 38

Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden!

Day / Tag 39 + 40


  1. You are a very busy lady, Marjan. And I always llllllllove your crochet ornaments. Many many kisses, my dear friend.

  2. Your crocheted thistle with the corner to corner technique is very nicely done. I have never felt like trying it so far. It looks like a lot of colour changes! I like the little bead angels, especially the white one. Where can these little angels be purchased?

    1. A lot of colour changes indeed - and that's what makes C2C difficult when your an absolute beginner... The angel ornaments will all go to my Etsy shop at the end of the challenge, ready for September, when the Christmas purchases may start. I'll be making some more though, as they seem very popular and as I like making the little angels... I'll keep you posted!

  3. Good idea to crochet your ornaments in this time of year. Then you are reading for Christmas when it is there.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

    1. Indeed, no panic needed, when Christmas is near...
      Have a great evening,

  4. I am amazed with all the patterns and color combinations you come with! All your ornaments are beautiful! Also, thumbs up for the energy you invest in following these challenges!

    1. These challenges keep me focussed. I tend to go astray too often, but this way round I get some things done...

  5. I made my 1st C2C project, a Grinch scarf for my great niece's 2019 Christmas. Guess I never fund the right source to learn how to do it until now.

    Your Christmas ornaments look great!

    1. Thank you, dear Paula. I find Carolyn's tutorial (The Purple Poncho) very helpful and I stumbled upon a site which explained how to manage multiple colour-changes (only when I started version two, and I cannot remember which one it is - but it was very helpful).

  6. So many pretty color combos! Man, I love Christmas. What a fun challenge.

    I am still working away on my earrings, though not as current. Hey, it's about the challenge, right?



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