Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019

C2C Tartan Cushion / Kissen

Dear friends,

though I am still looking for a better way to translate tartan into crochet, I‘m pretty pleased with the C2C cushion I finished last night. I had made the front last weekend already, but I got carried away with more thistle crochet before I started on the back panels. And as I suddenly had the brilliant idea to make the buttons myself too, I had to order the supplies and wait for them to arrive.

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2019


Dear friends,

I promised I would no longer start each blogpost with apologising for not posting more frequently, so I won‘t. I've been pretty busy lately. First I had but an abundance of ideas in my head but since August I am realising many of them. Too many really and all at the same time, cause I suddenly got problems coping. I got overwhelmed with day job, crafts, household, behind-the-scenes-project(s), new collections, tutorials, Etsy, admin stuff, technical issues … But I perceived what was going on and I took the appropriate actions.