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Posts mit dem Label Kreuzstich werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Samstag, 6. April 2019

Thistle Cushion - Distelkissen

Dear friends,

true, I haven‘t been around much in blogland. I did tend to post to when I had something to show, but in fact, I do not even stick to this rule anymore either. Day job has become very demanding and I haven‘t got much energy left in the evening to do too many things. And there are a lot of things needing my attention daily, e.g. my Etsy-shop. (BTW: I‘ve now got a whole new range of Scottish / Celtic / British stitch markers and Cross Stitch Kits and still loads of ideas for crochet goodies)

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018

A Folkloristic Valentine's Shawl – Ein folkloristischer Schal zu Valentinestag

Dear friends,

it's been a while since I wrote a blogpost about crochet, hasn't it? There's been two about the Granny-Spiration Link-Up Party, one (err – two) about the Blogovarsary, one about my very first podcast and even one about postcards.
Guess it's time to concentrate on crochet again, isn't it?

Montag, 11. Januar 2016

„Today Is A Good Day To Crochet“

Dear friends,

last weekend I did not feel like working on any of the blankets. I felt more like doing something completely different.

It may have been a year ago that I came across following quote: „Today is a good day to crochet“. I immediately had a picture in my mind but only this weekend I felt like making this picture real.

On Saturday I crocheted a lot of flowers.

On Sunday I unearthed my sewing basket. It's been ages since I did some cross stitch – strictly speaking: two years. I rediscovered crochet in February 2014 and was (re)hooked ever since.

Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Something completely different! - Etwas gänzlich anderes!

Hi there!

I know it's hard to believe (certainly after you've read this post), but on Saturday evening I actually ran out of Gründl dark blue yarn! It was all gone, right in the middle of crocheting a border. Not an inch left. No yarn-shop nearby (would have been closed anyway, it being 8.30 pm), no use ordering on Amazon (would not get there on Sunday - prime notwithstanding). ARRGH!!!

Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Kreuzstichanleitung Thames

Liebe Freunde,

Mein Nähkorb setzt zur Zeit Staub an. Irgendwie ist das ein trauriger Anblick.

Und ich gebe zu, die in den Nähkorb schlummernde Stickarbeiten tun mir auch ein bisschen leid.