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Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019

Scotland 2019 – Schottland 2019

Dear Friends,

Strathy Point Lighthouse
we‘re back since more than a week now, but I still haven‘t really arrived here yet. It feels a bit awkward to call this home, cause I feel more at home in Scotland than I actually do where I live.

We‘ve only been away for 12 days, but it feels as if the holiday has been much longer. Unlike last year we hadn‘t jam-packed our days and just enjoyed „let‘s see what the day brings“.

Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018

Sunday Morning Ideas – Ideen am Sonntagmorgen

Dear friends,

I've got this really bad habit of reading/leafing through books, magazines or advertizing leaflets while having breakfast on weekends. So I did this morning too. But let's start at the beginning...

Yesterday evening after our evening bite, the hubby and I tackled one of the cupboards in the living room. We've been patchworking since 2011 and never really sorted things through ever since. So we tackled this cupboard, discarded quite a few things and I stumbled upon a huge pile of magazines.

Great! Got something to leaf through for the next few weeks. Leaf through and discard it afterwards – was (and still is) my plan. After all I hadn't missed these magazines these last few years...