Lack of Time - Zeitmangel

Dear friends,

I definitely need more time off. Two or three months might do – don't want to be too greedy. But (maybe) I would finally get on with my numerous WIPs and would finally be able to make those projects, which have been spinning in my head for quite a while (and making me twitchy and unhappy).

I'll keep in touch!

WIPs (a selection)...
P.S.: Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere nor will I stop blogging!! I'm just feeling rather tired and worn out. Right now everyday life (as well as work) is very demanding and I hardly have any time to compensate - worse: too little time to crochet and that makes me very unhappy!

Liebe Freunde,

ich brauche dringend mehr Freizeit! So zwei oder drei Monate an einem Stück – ich will ja nicht gleich unverschämt sein. Aber, vielleicht würde ich in dieser Zeit endlich mal voran kommen mit meinen unzähligen WIPs und vielleicht bleibt sogar noch etwas Zeit übrig für die Projekte, die mir immer dringender unter den Nägeln brennen (höchst unangenehm – macht mich regelrecht kirre).

Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden!
WIPs (eine Auswahl)...

P.S.: Keine Bange! Ich ziehe mich jetzt nicht aus dem Blogland zurück! Nein, ganz und gar nicht!!! Sorry, wenn es so rüberkommt. Ich bin zur Zeit einfach nur etwas müde. Der Alltag (und der Job) sind gerade eben ziemlich fordernd und ich habe kaum noch Zeit einen Ausgleich zu schaffen (z.B. zu Häkeln). Also: Entwarnung!!!!


  1. Enjoy your time away immensely . . . Filled with what you need most!!! And then we'll be looking forward to your return! = )

    1. Thank you, Darlene, but I'm NOT going anywhere, I'm surely NOT taking any leave from blogging nor crochet! It's just a daydream: wouldn't it be great not having to go to work every day (sometime incl. weekends), more spare time, more time for me, for crochet, for relaxing and enjoying life...? I guess we've all got problems with this once in a while... Have a nice evening, Marjan

  2. I can imagine that you're unhappy about not getting time to crochet.
    I get tensed too when that happens. And when I see those beautiful projects you're working on, it's really a shame. So I cross my fingers that you will get some more time in the near future!

  3. Lovely creations !!!
    Have a cosy day !

  4. I wish you a happy feeling and finished works. Take your time and some rest. My solution for all my unfinished projects is working every day for 15 minutes on one of them. From 1 january until now I have finished already 4 WIP's. This gives me a happy feeling and a clear head, Maybe this idea can help you too.

    Deer greetings, Margaret

    1. Thank you very much, dear Margaret! This is a great idea indeed, but right now it's even pretty hard to get any time (let alone 15 minutes) to crochet! But when I've got the opportunity I definitily will try! Happy crocheting, Marjan

  5. My sympathies, Marjan! I'm in a similar situation right now. I've made a goal to blog just a *little* less so I can crochet more. No more drowning in WIP's - I hope you find the time you need to recharge!

    Do you get any small breaks at work? Maybe you could take smaller projects with you and sneak in some stitches when the boss isn't looking :)

    1. Hi Jenny,
      thank you for your kind words.
      Maybe I should try convincing my boss of the health benefits of crochet for our chronic pain patients... Actually, some of out patients do crafts and therefore we've got something to talk about between treatments, but no time to do some stitching...
      As I was off duty today I did manage to finish one project - I'll write about it tomorrow.
      Have a nice weekend,

  6. Congratulations of beind second in my link up last week, a New party is open now


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