Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

An Abundance of Grannys

Hello there!


I wish you all a happy Valentine. My husband surprised me with following bouquet. He actually remembered petunia and ranunculus to be my favourite flowers!

And after breakfast he surprised me even more with these... Isn't he a marvel?

This last week has gone by so fast! Until Thursday I was not that successful in crocheting at all. I did made a Valentine's present for the girlfriend of my youngest at his request. But I simply did not get on well with the cushion I wanted to make for a friend whose birthday is rather near.

Finding the colours was easy still, but I simply did not find any pattern that matched the picture I had in mind. I spent hours searching, starting, rejecting, and starting over again, but nothing came close to what I saw clearly in my mind.

And then all of a sudden last Sunday evening I simply took my hook and some wool and just started crocheting and some time later I had made following Granny Square:

Without much debating, no pattern involved, hardly any starting over... And this Granny was just the way I had wanted it to be.

Finally the question concerning the pattern was solved so I could get started with the cushion. The first few grannys went fine, but in my mind the patterns of other Grannys were forming. Soon I was making one mistake after the other because my hands followed these patterns instead of the original one. So I put the box with wool oddments next to the basket and on Monday I made:

Tuesday a slight variation of Monday's Granny:

Wednesday followed:

And still on Thursday I found it hard to concentrate on the first pattern...

On Friday I finally managed to stay focused on the cushion-Grannys. As front and back were finished I was not that sure in what colour I should crochet the border. Neither Chanvre nor Ecru seemed to suit. So I plunged into my box of Phil Cotton 3 again and resurfaced with Poudre.

And now... Ta-dah!

I am quite happy with the result. I hope my friend will be too...

And now I want to try figuring out, what I could crochet with my Valentine's yarn... I'll keep in touch!


  1. Don't know if you read English. But this is so lovely! Though an older post, I've just found your blog - and your work is beautiful!
    I saw a picture and then link to the Summer Mandala - but was unfortunately in Part 3, so hope to find pattern so I can do this...It is lovely! and I've become somewhat of a Mandala-holic! I just so love them! Especially those in bold, bright colors! They are habit forming, don't you think?
    I also now have read post about the cushion you made for your friend - and LOVE that pattern! and just really love the little flower you put on it. Do you have that pattern as well? I just think it's so very different with the pointed 'petals' that you have on this.
    If you friend didn't like this cushion, I'd be happy to take it off your hands! (just kidding, of course. I know she loved it. -- who wouldn't?)
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work with all in the hooky community! so kind of you to do so.
    Keep up the beautiful work!

    1. WOW - I'm quite awestruck by your compliments! Part I till III of the mandala pattern are on my blog. Part IV will follow this week till weekend. It's fun playing with the different shades, trying new combinations, and so on...
      The pattern for the flower I put on that birthday cushion is from Drops-Design. You can find an abundance of free patterns there. And yes, my friend is veeeery happy with that cushion!
      Have a nice and creative week, Marjan

    2. This pillow is absolutely gorgeous. It is a very nice design. I have been looking for a lovely design for my daughter and think this one would be perfect. Is it possible that you could post the pattern, please? Either way, you do beautiful work.

    3. Hello zep808,
      you can find the pattern for the granny square used in the pillow here: The square is named "The Flower Within". Happy crocheting!